It is with great honor that I welcome you to the Food Rights Alliance website. I thank you for choosing to visit this site and implore you to interact with us through this site to promote honesty, empathy, gratitude and respect to the right to Food. We are driven by the vision of ‘A world free from hunger and malnutrition’. This is because we believe that hunger is the absolute form of poverty, disgrace and disrespect that  no human being SHOULD ever experience.

Addressing hunger and malnutrition requires critical understanding of the underlying issues and dynamics behind food availability, accessibility, stability and utilization. Addressing hunger and malnutrition with limited actions taken to address the killer factors behind the four variables of hunger is rather expensive and unrealistic.

When it comes to hunger and malnutrition, human beings cease being homogeneous. Factors that hinder the realization of the right to food among people differ by age, sex, location, social, economic and political status- these all posing varying opportunities but also vulnerability to hunger and malnutrition differently.

I appeal to YOU to honor that food on your plate, eat it with respect, save it for tomorrow every time you feel satisfied. This is a tribute to the resources that produced it and the millions that are sleeping hungry. This tribute should be taken regardless of whether you produced it yourself or bought it by your hardly earned money.

I also appeal to YOU to do everything within your means to support those who produce this food especially the women and the aged men in rural areas. They are doing it with limited support from us yet they are feeding the growing populations especially in the urban centers. Your action will have a multiplier effect on the availability of food on the market. Listen to them and give them an opportunity to inform that decision you are about to make on food and agriculture.

I also appeal to YOU to respect and protect all the valuable resources with which God has endowed your country especially WATER and SOIL. Every drop of such resources counts and matters in this struggle of feeding the world with adequate good quality food. Treat every drop of water at your disposal like you will never have it in your life again. Care for nature and soil as preciously as that gift you would desire to receive from a loved one.

In order to realize its vision and mission, Food Rights Alliance appreciates your generous financial, technical, physical and moral contribution. We shall always cherish this visit you have made to our site and commit to translate it into actions that will contribute to reducing hunger and malnutrition.

The World Free from Hunger and Malnutrition is possible. Until people suffering from Hunger and Malnutrition are reduced to ZERO; FRA shall be.

Agnes Kirabo