Exposing the injustice of food waste

By Matilda Nakawungu Every day humanity wastes food on a colossal scale. A stroll through any of our food markets or round the back of many grocery stores and supermarkets will turn up bins and pits of food that has gone bad. This is to be expected but surely it leaves one thinking; isn’t there something more sensible to do ... Read More »

Plan Food Production, Plan Produce, Prohibit Food Waste

By Regina Kayoyo It has always been a widely held misconception that food wastage occurs at the household consumption level or the consumer level. Discussions around the concept of food wastage conjure images of food being thrown away by families at the end of a meal, during holidays and other such gatherings. Although this is true, the concept of food ... Read More »

Time to wage war against food waste

Food loss and waste refers to the edible parts of plants and animals that are produced or harvested for human consumption but that are not ultimately consumed by people. In particular, “food loss” refers to food that spills, spoils, incurs an abnormal reduction in quality such as bruising or wilting, or otherwise gets lost before it reaches the consumer. It ... Read More »

Urban Agriculture: That small space matters

As the effects of climate change and increased economic challenges continue to impact the world’s most vulnerable, it becomes more and more important to search for alternatives to everyday activities. In the last ten years the population of city dwellers has outnumbered that of rural areas. The rationale for migrating into the city stems from a belief that employment opportunities ... Read More »

Not Just the Grain But Every Single Shilling Counts: Planning Resources to Plan Production

By Samson Ssemanda Although food availability has increased along with the growing human population over the last 30 years, there are still millions of people suffering from malnutrition. This problem is not only the result of insufficient food production and inadequate distribution, but also of the financial inability of the poor to purchase food of reasonable quality in adequate quantities ... Read More »

ICT the untapped potential to draw the youth back into agriculture

By Matilda Nakawungu A lot in agriculture has changed over the years and with these changes has come a radical decline in youth engagement in this sector. Rural life is often not attractive or easy for young people in developing countries and agriculture holds little appeal to most. Given Uganda’s ever increasing population and the constantly growing unemployment levels among ... Read More »

Fund Raising Is Friend Raising

By Lucky Brian Wamboka When searching for funds, just as when making friends the foremost goal is to draw in people from the larger cosmos to the periphery of one’s interest group. It also requires bringing those at the outer levels of your circle closer to the centre where a greater level of participation and commitment- financial and non-financial- can ... Read More »

Meet Janet, one of FRA’s model farmers in Soroti

At 50, Janet Ilonya is one of the most inspiring stories from Asuret Sub County, located just outside of Soroti District. Janet joined FRA’s group of model farmers over a year ago to pilot the FRA/IDF farm planning model. Since then, Janet has never looked back. As required by this programme, Janet illustrated two sets of planning. She put to ... Read More »


Three-quarters of the world’s poorest billion people live in rural areas, and majority depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and survival. Encouraging the growth of the agricultural sector is therefore one of the most effective ways of tackling poverty and reducing hunger and malnutrition. In Uganda, the Agricultural sector is very key in the national economy. Rural livelihood and the ... Read More »