Food Security and Children's Vulnerability to Trafficking

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A Case of Soroti and Katakwi Districts Teso Sub-Region, Uganda

With funding from Independent Development Fund (IDF), Food Rights Alliance commissioned a study exploring the relationship between food insecurity and vulnerability to socioeconomic challenges including child vulnerability to trafficking in Soroti and Katakwi districts. Child trafficking is the most common and worst form of violence against children, and continues to increase. A number of studies point to poverty as the main cause of this offence to children, but the specific dimension of poverty that explains this activity is not known. This book provides an indepth look into this vice by concretely establishing and documenting this relationship that has largely been under looked. FRA gains insight into this dark consequence that arises out of the lack of vigilance to the effects of household food insecurity that has promoted the transfer and movement of children away from their homes.

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