Marking 3 Years of Independence: FRA Holds 2016 AGM

By Matilda Nakawungu

CHAIRThe AGM is an integral part of the democratic life of any organization. Ensuring that this statutory business takes place is an outstanding indicator of good governance.

On 29 July 2016, the Food Rights Alliance held her 3rd Annual General Meeting. This key event provided the Alliance Members with a synopsis view of the alliance’s activities and undertakings during the year 2015/2016.  The event gave participants an opportunity to take part in discussions with the Governing body of the alliance, and to vote on resolutions presented by the BOD for approval.

Presenting his report, the Chairperson Mr. John Sseguuja gave the members a synopsis view of what had taken place in and around the alliance since the re-appointment of the BOD on August 28th 2014. He gave special recognition to the BOD for having provided guidance and strategic direction to the Executive Director, the Secretariat and the entire alliance through the year.

It was noted that during the year, the Alliance had remained vibrant in the policy arena, having made profound milestones in addressing factors that hinder peoples’ attainment of their physical wellbeing, and in addressing food security and malnutrition push factors. The alliance was also recognised for having engaged in a number of policy processes including; the development of the national seed policy and its implementation strategy, Financing of agricultural Extension, and on the Bio technology and Bio safety Bill 2012.

AGMSpeaking of the alliance’s membership, the Chairman commended the alliance for its continued vibrancy and sustained collective actions. On an exciting note, the alliance was thrilled to welcome   three new members to the fold. These were Hunger Fighters Uganda (HFU), Mayfair Adult Literacy for Economic Development, and LANDNet Uganda. This addition to the membership marked a growth in capacity and country-wide reach to 64 Members.

We wish to commend our financial partners: the US Alliance to End Hunger, Independent Development Fund, Trust Africa Foundation and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung who have enabled the Alliance undertake her projects and activities. We would also like to thank our implementation partner War on want Northern Ireland for the continued administrative and infrastructural support it has availed the Alliance in the implementation of its projects in Teso sub-region.

Special thanks go to Action Aid International Uganda who financially supported this AGM, together with the US Alliance to End Hunger and Trocaire. We wish all our members and partners a great new year of continued growth and achievement of our mission. A world free from hunger and malnutrition is possible!


More pictorial documentation available Here