Meet Barbara Alupo, FRA Model Farmer

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Life StoryMy name is Barbara Alupo. I am 29-year-old. I am a single mother of three, and smallholder farmer. I live in Damasiko village Soroti district, Uganda. For the past 10 years, I have sustained my livelihood through farming. I grow multiple crops such as rice, groundnuts, peas, cassava, sorghum, and citrus.

After receiving training from the Food Rights Alliance consultant and listening to the radio programs sponsored by FRA on the importance of crop separation, I started dividing my crops into two categories: those for market and those for my home consumption.

I now store the majority of my market portion for the off-season in order to gain higher profits. As a result, I have been able to get higher profits from which I have sent my children to school and I am saving to build a house.
Barbara has shown how farm planning can influence a change in priority, which allows those who use this technique to afford things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

“There is money in agriculture if you put your effort into it.” Barbara avows.