Food Governance and Justice


An enabling environment is pivotal for every man and woman to have sustainable access to safe and health food. This is a system of rules, authority and institutions that govern actors and processes in the entire food system. They are instrumental in providing fairness, justice and equity to enable everybody’s access to safe and nutritious food without discrimination of any form.


There’re millions of hungry and malnourished people while lots of food is lost and wasted and natural resources degraded in the processes of increasing production and productivity. This is barely because the governing institutions rules and authority is weak as a result of non-prioritization and weak voices of the food producers and consumers to shape them. FRA will seek to strengthen food governance architecture (institutions, rules and authorities) at all levels of governance, ensuring inclusivity, participation, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability of action.


Focus Areas

  • Access to justice
  • Financing and accountability
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Local government food governance structures



A food governance system that is inclusive transparent and accountable


Strategic Objectives

  • To strengthen and influence government bodies to develop and implement inclusive food and nutrition policies and programmes
  • To promote accountability to national, regional, continental and global commitments e.g. CAADP, SDGs, UPR, annual sector performance
  • To strengthen global partnerships and collaborations
  • To promote access to justice in the food system