Programme Quality and Sustainability


FRA and its members are heavily dependent on grant income from donors. This has left them exposed to fluctuations in funding support that undermines their operations, programs and sustainability. The emergence of Covid-19 has served to make the situation worse. Under this pillar, efforts will be made to support the sustainability of FRA and its members. The capacity to mobilize resources from a broader donor base will be strengthened to reduce exposure to funding shocks. Efforts will be made to support earned income through the establishment of social enterprises.


The organisation will start working on a plan to establish a Food Policy Research and Resource Center. This will serve as an epitome of food programming and best practice. This will be implemented in phases over a period of 10 years. In addition, FRA will continue to strengthen her governance systems, realign her structures to effectively and efficiently deliver quality programmes that donors are confident and prepared to fund. We are aware that we need to grow our operations at the same pace as we grow our programmes. We have made considerable progress in strengthening our systems, especially procurement and Finance. HR, IT and MEAL are the areas we will need to make more efforts in.  FRA will improve documentation and learning from our programmes, the work of member organisation and communicate effectively to donors, peers agencies and other actors in such a way that we are seen as a “go- to- agency” for credible evidence based information to influence decision making processes.


Focus Areas

  • Resource Mobilization
  • Social Enterprise and FPRC development
  • Knowledge management
  • Organizational Development



FRA sustains quality work on promoting sustainable access and consumption of safe and nutritious food with limited interactions


Strategic Objectives

  • To strengthen governance and operations systems of FRA to effectively support programme quality management and programme delivery.
  • To strengthen the resource base of the Alliance to sustain its operations.
  • Strengthening knowledge-based systems on food systems and healthy diets