We work to influence policy and practice at different levels towards the realization of the right the right to food.

Advocacy           Knowledge Management          Capacity Building

Under this strategic component, the alliance addresses it’s core business. It’s advocacy strategy and agenda are based on issues that affect the realization of the right to food that it continues to work on in the next five years.

Reduced Hunger and Malnutrition Aiming to promote sustainable farming systems in Building Community Resilience, Promoting best practices and alternatives for food producers and consumers and Promoting community based natural resource management.


Promoting policy engagements, dialogues and debates on issues related to agriculture, food security, nutrition and ending hunger. Leading and coordinating advocacy campaigns on issues. Serving as civil society representative on consultative bodies.

Building and strengthening strategic partnerships and alliances with other like-minded individuals, organizations, policy makers, and media for collective action synergy.

Developing sub regional and lower local level advocacy platforms