Land and seed rights

Food Rights Alliance with financial support from OXFAM and in partnership with a number of civil society organisations namely: PELUM, ESAFF, IFPRI, COPACSO has for the last three years implemented the Securing seed and land rights project to realise the right to food in Uganda.


This project aims at promoting seed and land rights of smallholder farmers through capacity building for CSOs in advocacy and lobbying; and influencing national level land and seed related policy change that provide for a conducive environment for smallholder farmers.

Food Rights Alliance, has developed and implemented a number of campaigns focused on specific issues in the agricultural sector aiming at creating an enabling environment for farmers to produce food sustainably and meet their food and nutritional demands. It has also engaged in national budget analysis and advocacy, documenting and presenting to policymakers land and seed related proposals from the grassroot, and disseminated learnings through radio talk shows, spot messages and social media campaigns.

Through these approaches, FRA has seen increasing budget allocation to agricultural extension, inclusion of the liability clause in the Genetic engineering Act, 2018, passing of the seed policy and parliament’s refusal to pass proposals to change article 26 of the constitution among others.