Resource Governance

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Harnessing Citizens Action to Enhance Equitable Resource use and Resource Governance

Financial Partner
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung


As the fifth phase of a programme aimed at enhancing women’s resilience to shocks of exclusion, poverty, and traumatic stressors of hunger and malnutrition; this project was conceived to build on the learning generated from all the four previously implemented project phases in Ngora and Amuria districts over the last four years. Particularly, this project aims to address resource governance challenges especially those that impact on household food production and hinder improvement of livelihoods.

With a key focus on productive but sustainable use of production resources, FRA through this project is building capacity of the project area local governments to ably apply resource governance policies for sustainable and equitable land use. The project in partnership with the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development is supporting district and sub-county level duty bearers to appreciate the Local Government jurisdiction as provided for in the land law, policy and regulations to enable realization of their communities’ tenure security.

FRA through this project is also building capacity of communities to sustainably and equitably use and manage their land so as to address their basic needs of household food and income security. This project is further enhancing accountability and learning among stakeholders including duty bearers, development partners and community members so as to foster collective planning, monitoring and accountability for their interventions aimed at enhancing food security and rural transformation in the project districts.

In previous phases among its key achievements, FRA through this program has supported the District Local Governments of Ngora and Amuria in the development and popularization of the District Food and Nutrition Security Ordinance for Amuria and the District Food Production and Environment Management Ordinance for Ngora.