Strategic Result Areas

To ensure everyone in Uganda has sustainable access to food as a basic human right, Food Rights Alliance will continue to focus on advancing the right to food and its non-variation for all in the next 5 years (2019-2023). Tackling hunger, crisis and extreme poverty through a range of programming options within sustainable farming systems including food security and nutrition needs.

Reduced Hunger and Malnutrition

Aiming to promote sustainable farming systems in Building Community Resilience, Promoting best practices and alternatives for food producers and consumers and Promoting community based natural resource management.

Improved Food Governance and Food Justice

The Alliance under this strategic result focuses on strengthening the food chain from farm to fork though influencing enabling environment for all actors along the food chain.

Strategic Partnerships and Social Movements

Food Right Alliance has made significant achievements in advancing the right to food and its non-variations, as a human right protecting the right for people to feed themselves in dignity in Uganda.

Improved Quality Programme Delivery

More Ugandans are becoming poorer and vulnerable according to the recent report of the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), the donors and UN Agencies annually report a reduction in the funding available to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people.

Programme Sustainability

The main funding source for Food Rights Alliance is grants from donors. To ensure we expand and continue to grow smoothly, FRA is expanding her resource mobilisation mechanism and social enterprises while providing options for present and future food needs of all people.