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Food Rights Alliance is governed by a board of directors, advised by a leadership and membership council, and managed by the secreatariat staff leadership team.


Food Rights Alliance’s board of directors bring a wide range of Non-Government Organisation, business, and commercial experience to the alliance secretariat. They provide governance to ensure that we are focused to our mission, objectives overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation with a focus on all governance issues and associated activities.

Jane Nalunga

Board Chairperson

Jane is an expert on trade, tax, finance for development, investment related issues in general and the multilateral, bilateral, regional and national trade and investment policies and Agreements. She has more than 25 years of experience in policy research, analysis and advocacy and has authored a number of policy-oriented studies and articles.

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Henry Kimera Richard

Board Treasurer

Henry is a Consumer Rights and Development Specialist with over 25 years’ experience in working with Civil Society Organizations. Henry is currently working as a Chief Executive of CONSENT. Henry is an honorary member of the Alliance, initially one of the four promoters. Currently he serves as a Treasurer on the Board of the Food Rights Alliance.

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David Kabanda

Board General Secretary

David is an advocate of the high court, specialized public litigation lawyer with interest in Human Rights mostly the right to health. He practices this through public interest litigation, research and invoking health equity, fairness and the doctrine of public trust. David is the Programs Coordinator with the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) and serves as the General Secretary of the Food Rights Alliance.

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Rosemary Namutebi

Board Member

Rosemary is an experienced gender specialist with over 10 years’ experience in gender mainstreaming, policy analysis from a gender perspective, engendering value chains, resource mobilization for gender oriented actions and facilitating community training in human rights and gender mainstreaming using gender transformative approaches.

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Aggrey Nshekanabo

Board Member

Aggrey is a journalist and communication for development specialist with over 15 years experience. Aggrey is currently working as a Fundraising and Communications Officer with Send A Cow Uganda and has also served as a Board Member of Food Rights Alliance.

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Stephen Akonyu

Board Member

Stephen is an organizational development and social programing specialist. He has over 20 years’ experience in Program Management Organizational Development and Leadership. Stephen is the Regional Manager of War on Want Northern Ireland (WOWNi) and is a Board Member of the Food Rights Alliance.

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Evelyn Chelangat

Board Member

Evelyn is an educationist and teacher and a committed social worker with over 20 years’ experience serving Food Rights Alliance as a board member. Evelyn also works as a board member with Community Action for Human Rights (CAFHUR).

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Fred Maumbe Mike

Board Member

Fred is an educationist and management training specialist with specialty in Financial Management. He is a dedicated and experienced worker with over 20 years’ experience in in Financial Management, resource mobilization and social change. Fredrick is currently working as the Executive Director of Food Rights Network (FORINET)-Eastern Uganda and serves as a Board member of the Food Rights Alliance.

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Food Rights Alliance’s secretariat staff members bring a wide range of experience and deep knowledge of economic and political development, social movements and popular campaigns, and organizational growth and management to the alliance.

Agnes Kirabo

Executive Director

Agnes Kirabo is the Executive Director of FRA. She oversees the operations of the Alliance at a strategic level giving direction to the Secretariat and the entire membership. Agnes works to advance policy, legal and practice reforms in Agriculture and Food Governance that promote and protect people’s Right to Adequate Food and that uphold people’s dignity.

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Jude Ssebuliba

Program and Project Officer

Jude Ssebuliba is a seasoned academician with over seven years of university teaching. He studied economics, Agribusiness Management, public health and Business Administration. He has a rich experience in conducting both academic and social policy research.

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Frank Ntwatwa

Programs Administrator

Frank oversees the design, development and execution of Food Rights Alliance programs and partnerships that help improve access to a variety of program policies through our network and improve outcomes for the people we serve, with the goal of ending hunger and malnutrition.

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Robinnah Nakafeero
Robina Nakafeero

Finance and Administration Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Robina Nakafeero oversees Food Rights Alliance finance and corporate strategy. In her role, Robina helps maximizethe organization’s resources, responsible for managing the accounts receivables and payables of the organization, develops the organization’s budget, prepares financial reports and involved in directing its investment activities..

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Victoria Namuddu

Finance and Administration Assistant

‘Food Rights Alliance believes that hunger is usually, at its root, about imbalances of resources, that change is possible, and that solutions require good ideas, courage and persistence. It works. There is no better feeling than getting momentum going behind brave people with good ideas and seeing change unfold.”

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Matilda Nakawungu

MEAL Officer

Matilda works with staff, member organisations and partners to ensure implementation of high quality MEAL throughout FRA’s Programme Management Cycle. Prior to joining FRA, Matilda worked with CARE International in Uganda as Regional Program Assistant and Link Internet Solutions as a website designer.

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Regina Kabasomi Kayoyo

Program Assistant Advocacy and Project Officer

Regina serves as the Program Assistant for advocacy at Food Rights Alliance. She is responsible for leading Food Right’s Alliance’s strategic work to increase and maintain the momentum towards an inclusive and effective agricultural extension delivery system for Small-scale Farmers in Uganda in the Context of CAADP project.

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Food Rights Alliance with financial support from Trocaire is implementing a project that aims to build an integrated water and land resource system for improved food security and livelihoods in Uganda. Under this project, FRA seeks to see that men and women sustainably use and manage water and land resources for improved food security and livelihoods.
Lucky Brian Wamboka

Program Assistant Membership and Project Officer

Lucky leads Foods Rights Alliance team supporting member relations, member grants and contract compliance towards an Integrated water and land resource management system in Uganda project. In his role, Lucky is responsible for deepening organizational understanding of network member needs and performance drivers and coordinating capacity building services, against prioritized strategies, to members.

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