Our history

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Food Rights Alliance is a coalition constituted in 1999 to bring together Civil Social Organisations working in the field of sustainable agriculture and food security in Uganda.


At the formation, Food Rights Alliance focused on the launch of the WTO’s new rounds of talks, which would take place in Seattle, concerning international agreements, globalization processes and generic modification. In 2000, other important issues were tabled for discussion, including the Government of Uganda’s Plan for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA).


Over the years the Alliance has grown from the three institutions to more than 60 national, international and local organizations, four regional food security networks in Central, Western (and Rwenzori inclusive), and Eastern Uganda regions and individuals. In 2013, the Alliance was formally appointed and charged with a new responsibility of coordination the activities of the Alliance Against hunger and Malnutrition of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Uganda and in the East African Region.


The Alliance is implementing its Five Year Strategic plan 2019-2023 geared towards advancing the Right to Food and its non-variations for all through, promoting sustainable agriculture in Uganda for food and nutrition security, and strengthening the Alliance to effectively engage her membership and stakeholders to influence policy, systems and practices that affect the realization of the right to adequate food.