Goals and objectives

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Food Rights Alliance is always working towards a strong alliance that effectively engages membership and stakeholders to influence policy, systems and practices that affect the realization of the right to adequate food.


Strategic Objectives
To influence policy and practice at different levels towards the realization of the right the right to food. To develop knowledge base systems for effective engagement of members in the realization of the rights of food. To strengthen the capacity the Alliance and its members to effectively deliver on its mandate


Strategic Approach
We strive to operate with an approach in which Food Rights Alliance is a network organization with strength in numbers and expert competence from a diverse membership. A champion for the Right to Food that catalyzes and coordinates member organizations to do evidence-based policy analysis and advocacy on a holistic spectrum of issues affecting that right.

A small cost-effective organization that leverages members’ strengths for increased collective impact on policies and practices related to agriculture, food security and nutrition.