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The 2019/20 Budget: Lands among the Greatest Losers

By Jude Ssebuliba On 13th June 2019, parliament passed a 40.5 Trillion National Budget for FY2019/20 signifying a 20% increment from last year’s budget which stood at 32 trillion. As some ministries, such as agriculture, education, health and transport, had an increase in funds allocated to them, the ministry of lands suffered a significant decreased…

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Land Grabbing: A Threat to Agriculture

By Jude Ssebuliba Land ownership and conditions governing land occupation determine how much and when a farmer can invest in agricultural activities. Long term investments, such as irrigation infrastructure, valley dams/tanks and permanent cash crops like coffee, cotton, tea, vanilla to mention a few, require a guarantee of ownership to remove the fear of sudden…

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Culture Versus the Law

By Sheila Adogola On 28th May, a great man and icon to the nation, Prof. Apollo Nsibambi, was lost. During a requiem mass on 3rd June at Namirembe Cathedral, his heiress, Rohda Nakimuli Kasujja, was made known. Applause came from women’s empowerment activists on the decision, who called it a heroic act and a great…

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