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By Acayo Gloria

Woman…..woman…..every day you wake up and the first thing on your mind is what shall we eat today? In that regard even when you do not have the money, you ensure that there is something that the family call a meal on the table. It doesn’t matter whether it is enough for the family, it doesn’t matter whether it is meat, vegetable or porridge, but we know that you have always tried to make ends meet for the entire household. I celebrate you

Woman, most times you start your day by either lighting the charcoal stove, boiling water, making porridge, taking care of the children, or you rush straight to collect water or fire wood, or even rush to the garden. The sacrifices you make for us throughout the entire day is immeasurable.

Woman, how would the household be without you? What would our nation Uganda be without you? Your efforts in Agriculture has enabled the entire household and our nation feed, you are the backbone of Agriculture in Uganda, and a back bone to food security in the household.

Woman, despite the challenges you go through including being denied access to land, access to money from produce that you harvested, denied freedom to make decision in matters that concern you, domesticated for the sake of the entire family, you always emerged strong on your feet and acted as though all is well. I celebrate you. You are my hero.

Woman, I know that all your efforts have never been computed to money’s worth. Even when the entire earth turns a blind eye on your sacrifices, I will open mine wide to see even the tiniest effort that you make for us in the family and for our nation Uganda.

Woman, I pray that the people in your household, family, community and the nation accord you the rights that you deserve. Protect and promote your rights, keep you safe from all forms of violence. Above all, May the government enhance your economic capacity, ensure that you have access to land, agricultural input and services and markets. With this, you will support our households and our nation Uganda better